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Infosys - Company Synopsis

Number of Employees: 67,000

Company Structure: Infosys has several Development Centers (DCs) spread mostly across South India. All the development centers have their own campuses are full with all kind of facilities. The company is divided into several IBUs(Integrated Business Units), for example there are separate IBUs for dealing with retail, banking, telecom, insurance companies. There is separate IBU for Finacle(a banking product by Infy), Enterprise Solutions( it handles all Oracle/SAP/Peoplesoft projects). All the IBUs may not be present in all the Development Centers.

Major source of revenue: Major revenue comes from software services which includes maintenance of IT systems of big companies (like IT operations of a company like DHL), migration projects which involve upgrading new software packages for its clients (switching from Oracle to DB2), implementation of packages (like implementing Oracle/SAP CRM solutions for a big retail company).

Nature of work: Work could be customization of a package for any client, testing of packages, development of new modules for client, customer support work for clients.
It could be like learning a tool that is being used by banks for maintaining/analyzing their data.

Skills required: You don’t require much of technical skills you never have to code from scratch; the need is to understand about the project you get. If you understand the requirement of the client and the domain you are working on, your job is going to be cakewalk. But most of the real life IT systems are huge and learning them takes time of around 3-4 months.

Hiring Strategy: Infosys hires employees with average and consistent academic background. For experienced persons the criteria may depend on the demand for that particular skill. The written test for freshers consists of easy puzzles from books like Shakuntala Devi. They might look for average communication skills apart from knowledge of English.

Positive highlights of the company:
Campus: Infosys campuses have all the things you can ask for in this modern day world.
Gym, swimming pool, food court, everything.

Banglore(20000+), Hyderabad(6500+), Pune, Mysore, Mangalore, Bhubaneswar(2000+), Trivandrum, Mohali.

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