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Delmia Solutions

Company Website:

DELMIA offers a comprehensive suite of digital Manufacturing Solutions to automotive, aerospace, defense, shipbuilding, consumer goods, electrical & electronics, fabrication & assembly and automation.

Brand Value: Reputed for its domain-PLM (product lifecycle management)

Career Growth: Decent

Onsite Assignments: Very less, even if u do its for a short while

Work Environment/pressure: Incredibly cool, Helps U to pursue things which ur passionate about and also gives u enough time to prepare for competitive exams which u aspire for.

What type of work do they do: Product development

Job Security:150%..Unless its something to do with ethics or misbehaviour

Technology: company proprietary architecture(C++, COM based platform).This is one area where u tend to loose out.. It doesn't help u if u want to get exposed to various widely used technologies

Do you recommend: Yes if u want to have a peaceful life, prepare for exams, need time for ur personal life
No: If u want to learn widely used technologies.. It tends to make u feel like a frog in the well in that aspect

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