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Brand value, Career growth and onsite opportunities?
Its a mid sized company well known for its Banking Products. It has a high brand value in Middle east region for all its banking/insurance products. Onsite opportunities are good for those who fall under the Middle-east geography projects.

How is work environment and how efficient is the communication b/w teams or department?
I found the work environment to be extremely good.

Work pressure/Work – life balance.
One can easily balance ones personal and professional lives while working in the organization. There is no stressful work pressure. Its at par with other organizations.

Satisfaction with salary and quality of work.
I do not have enough knowledge of how the salaries are scaled up for grades other than mine. For my grade i found it to be good enough.

What type of work they do: Product development, Services etc. Or if mix of these then what at percent?
Both Product and Services are done. Although Product Development is more.I am not sure of the proper ratio.

Job security.
Yes its there.

Some positives and negatives of the company.
Here personal opinions can differ. I really like working in the company. I got a good exposure. Getting to learn so many things. Being a CMMI level company i got to know great Quality stuffs as well.

Do you recommend your company to others? Yes or No and Why?
Yes I do!! One gets good opportunity to develop technical skills.

Vital Statistics:
Fresher salary
I guess they are offering 19K stipend this year for freshers.
I have no idea of the exact figures.

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