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Pramati Technologies

Company Synopsis

Pramati Technologies makes a J2EE application server called Pramati Server. You can say it is in direct competition with IBM Websphere and similar products like Weblogic(BEA). Pramati’s strategy is to compete with these well-known products on the price front. Pramati Technologies is an inspiring story for Indian entrepreneurs, as it is the first Indian Software Product which is a core technical product as well as the company is fighting it out in the US market against all biggies. Yasu Technologies was the first company to ship its product to clients using Pramati’s server.

Major source of revenue: Its flagship product the ‘Pramati Server’ is used by several banking, financial services, retail and Telecom companies.

Nature of work: Product engineering, product development services and Middleware are the major teams here. The product is basically a compiler/web-container; those interested in computer algorithms and compiler design might be happy working here. There are Support teams also which may travel in US at client sites.

Skills required: Java and J2EE professionals.

Positive highlights of the company: As always in a small company you can learn a lot here.

Location: Hyderabad (Product Development). Other locations where it has offices are San Jose, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi

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