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Bhubaneswar as a job destination

Bhubaneswar figures in the list of Tier II cities for software companies. Tier II cities are
targeted by software companies, as attrition is less in these centers as majority of employees belong to near by places. You guessed it right like Infosys Bhubaneswar is full of Oriyas/Bengalis and there are quite a few Biharis. Kolkata being 6 hours journey, Bengalis in Infy prefer this DC. Infosys, Satyam, TCS and Wipro have opened their development centers in the city.
There is a popular saying here which tells “If you meet another software engineer in the city he has to be from Infosys”.
Bhubaneswar has opened up lots of engineering colleges and the wannabe engineers from Bihar and Jharkhand flock Orissa these days. The ready availability of man power from these colleges would come handy in bringing more Software companies to the city.

Cost of living

Cost of living is very reasonable in Bhubaneswar. What you may not like is people are not entrepreneurial in nature and sometimes its difficult to get basic things.


Being near to the coast, this place is damn humid, the summer months of April to June are very unbearable. Even Infosys relaxes the tie rule (formal dress code) they have during these months. It rains a lot here, but barring the summer months, its good place to be.


There is no public transport system, if you don’t have your own vehicle you have to depend on Autos. Every auto-wallah here has a phone and you can book one for yourself.


This city does not have traffic jams and there are no traffic lights at most of the places and no Street lights for majority of the roads.

Night Life and Entertainment

Bhubaneswar is a temple town and you can see a lot of our rich heritage. It has its own Forum, definitely not as good as Banglore’s but yup Big Bazzar is there and several malls are coming up and city expects to get it first multiplex soon. For now there are twin cinema halls by the name of Shriya/ Swati / Stutee. The good part about the city is its close to places like Puri and Konark. And because of continuous tourist inflow there are several large hotels like Mayfair and Swosti Plaza (Infosys puts the employees here for the first week). Most popular hangout amongst the youth is CafĂ© Coffee Day. The area near JaiDev Vihar is good one. But people would say the city is dead as there is no night life and young people may find it a little boring.

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