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Satyam is one of the biggest Indian software companies with more than 30,000 employees; it is just a bit behind the trio of TCS, Infosys and Wipro. There has been news that Satyam would be bought over by IBM Global services as IBM aims to move its employee strength in India beyond the one-lakh mark. Apart from software services outsourcing it also does some engineering design work; these jobs are for mechanical guys.

Salary: Satyam gives a fresher salary of around 2.25 lakhs. The company has definitely improved its pay structure in the recent past, though still not comparable with the best in the industry. Salary hikes are according to confirmation rating after one year.

Career Growth: There are good onsite opportunities, the average time it takes to go onsite is around 18-24 months. Performance does count; you will client interview before going onsite and your rapport with delivery manager will prove to be boon for you. Satyam has many mainframe projects and also projects in Oracle Apps and SAP; it has trained professionals in this area. The mainframe projects have long-term onsite opportunities. But you may have to sign a bond when you are sent onsite.

Training: Entry-level Technical Programmer (ELTP) is what trainees are called, After completion of training you may be put into other training depending on requirement. I would say good training opportunity lies in dot net.

Work Environment: You can be on bench for a long time, and you don’t have to come to office, you can just roam around and see money being deposited to your bank account. And once you get work depending on your project it can be cool or late night work too.
I have seen people talking in regional languages in meetings also, may be it happens with other companies in India also, but one does feel bad if he is unable to understand what is going in official boardroom meetings also. The attitude of many employees could be like babus sitting in government PSUs. This is inherent to Satyam, people forming groups based on their region, politics is expected to be there at everyplace, but HR should have more power to discourage these tendencies.

Brand Value: Satyam enjoys a good brand value, but there would be many in IT industry who don’t see it as professional company, it does not have any big centers in North India, and majority of the employees are from South India.

Work Life Balance: Work pressure is less; some projects in Banglore on embedded systems/vlsi design may have more work.

Job Security: Job is secured, bond means job is secured for 2 years ;)

Co-workers competence: Not good, they do hire some very average guys.

Bond: Satyam has employment bond of 2 years for fresh engineers, it has taken few employees to court for breaking the bond.

Facilities: Facilities are okay, it has around 14 centers in Hyderabad alone, there is no big single campus like Infy, its all scattered around.

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