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Fortuna Technology (Hyderabad)

Fortuna Technology is an end-to-end wireless embedded software services and solutions provider with focus in creating cutting edge mobile devices for mobile platform vendors, handset manufacturers (OEM / ODMs) and operators in wireless communications industry. It has grown to over 300 wireless embedded experts operating from delivery and competency centers in Hyderabad, (India) and Malmo (Sweden/Europe); with business offices in London (UK) and Silicon Valley (USA). Fortuna offers complete end-to-end terminal embedded software services including system architecture, application development/customization, integration, and testing.

Salary: 1.5 to 2.5 fresher and but pay can be as high as 5-6 for 2 year of experience. It all depend upon your background and the hard work, they use to hire guys from C-DAC and other colleges who can start their career without worrying too much about money and do hard work. Definitely its not a paymaster but one can easily bet on the booming telecom sector. The salaries are different for different people, even at fresher level, if u from IIT or NIT u can expect few extra bucks. Now I have come to know that it has stopped hiring guys from top IITs because of higher attrition level.The salary growth is very much around the industry average. Appraisals and career growth depend on the team but in some cases your relation with your manager can fetch u more rewards, which surely I never liked.

Training: It spends very little on training, may be 2-3 weeks or u may be asked to start work from day one, even if u r a fresher.

Onsite Opportunities: Fortuna provides many chances of Onsite visit, depending upon the client location like Sweden, France, Taiwan, England etc. Generally these visits are small ranging 3-8 weeks. But if u have some extraordinary talent and u are in demand then may be in months or year.

Work Environment: It has so called flexible timings, U may have to come early and work till late night depending upon the tight deadlines. They also encourage this by providing free dinner and if u a really workaholic then u will be rewarded with ‘Baskin-Robbins’ ice-cream in night after 10 pm evey day. In the name of facility, it has only dining hall for lunches, dinners and parties.

Brand Value: It is not a much known brand, it is a mid sized company and probably managed only by founders.

Work Load: Work is very monotonous. They use VC++/C language and COM. So U will keep on playing with interfaces and components. Work pressure can be on the higher side depending upon your deadlines.

Job Security: Till now I never came to know of any instance where it has shelved any employees. But I think its quite on the safe side till u perform well.

Job Profile: They prefer CS and ENC guys but its not like that, anyone can do this job after learning few things, Job profile is not so great, work becomes monotonous after a while. The platform is old, as they work on COM (Which is still commonly used in many telecom related developments).

Co-worker competence: The general perception of the level of competence is quite average as very few guys from well know colleges. For fresher hiring they mostly depend upon institution like C-DAC which trains fresh guys.

Role of HR: Its still a small company, so HR employee centric activity is not so common but we used to have parties every one or two months and one combined b-day bash every month.

Employment Bonds: No

Overall: Its average IT company where u can find little bit of everything. But onsite chances really a big attraction. As we Indian are crazy for onsite destinations.

The above views about Fortuna are my personal and as an ex-employee.

1 comment:

Ram said...

This company is better for beginners in their life to get a chance.
For experience people i will recommend it's an unwise decision to join in the company. Because i am the one of ex-employee got hestitation with the senior employees. The senior employees in the company think like they are the creators of the world. They do not know how to talk with a developer at all. Nothing to write about the company also , it's all bull shit..ultimately i can say experience people do not join in the company