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Infosys Technologies Limited is an information technology (IT) services company founded in Pune, India in 1981 by N. R. Narayana Murthy and six of his colleagues. It operates nine development centers in India and has over 30 offices worldwide. Annual revenues for fiscal year 2007 exceeded US$3.1 billion with a market capitalization of over US$30 billion. With over 72,000 employees worldwide, Infosys is one of India's largest IT companies.

Training at Infosys:

The company gives 4 months of vigorous training in various technologies for non computer science students whereas for Computer science grades its around 2 months. The trainees will be exposed to various technologies during the training period. ILI (Infosys Leadership Institute) and E&R(Education and Research) departments plays a major role in shaping up the personalities of trainees at Infosys. ILI will hone up the client and people handling skills and E&R will enrich your technical skills.

How good is it for freshers?

Infosys is a good company for freshers to start their careers with. Infosys training transforms a fresher into a "domain-ready professional". But the strategies they adopt for allocating resources to the projects across various business units are haphazard. The guy who is trained in Mainframes will be put into Java and so on. Resource Utilization is one of the greatest concerns that most of the employees have with Infosys. Its not an exaggeration that you must spend more than 6 months on bench.

Work at Infosys:

Infosys was a proven brand name. As a services industry this firm was always working on the cutting edge technologies. There would be no better place to get such a exposure to such a wide range of knowledge. I always feel that the top level management was transparent to extent it could be. But the Middle management is not very fair. Most of the times, you end up in doing what you don't want to do. In case of time and material projects, which contribute to most of the Infosys revenue, change requests come on daily basis, which makes your tasks unplanned. Either it be a fixed price bid or time and material deal, the work Infosys does is just maintenance and enhancements.

Career growth and onsite opportunities?

Career growth may not be very fruitful in Infosys due to the flooding recruitment. At any point of time there are a bunch of people who can do a single task. This is hindering the opportunity for growth in the company. Onsite opportunity completely depends on the requirement in the project. You may get an onsite assignment in about 2-3 yrs if you join as a fresher.

Work pressure/Work – life balance.

In Infosys you have a very poor work pressure balance. Most of the employees stay late in the night. There will be no flexibility in the work schedule. Its almost impossible to plan any other thing on a working day. Often weekends are also devoted to work due to poor allocation of time and resources.

Satisfaction with salary and quality of work.

Its a known fact that Infosys pays a very low salary when compared to any other company in the Industry. As of now Infosys pays 2.7 lacs per annum to freshers. But the hikes and TPI (Trainee Performance Incentives) are low. Even the Business unit heads say Infosys never pays well. Quality of work is bad in Infosys. Most of the times the work is just maintenances and enhancements to the existing systems. SETLABS is a R&D unit in Infosys but not much of research output will come out of it.

What type of work they do:

Infosys primarily is a service oriented company. The only product Infosys has developed is Finacle which is a banking application. Although Finacle has gained a lot of market response, Infosys strategies are not drived towards Product development.

Job security:

Job security is one good aspect in Infosys. It almost equivalent to a job in Govenment
Organization. The cases where they fire you out is when you are caught under ASHI(Anti Sexual Harassment Initiative).

Some positives and negatives of the company:

1. Training for freshers.
2. Cool campuses, amazing buildings, good facilities.
3. Job Security
4. Brand value of the company.

1. Poor pay structures.
2. Low Quality work.
3. False publicity of ethics and values.
4. One year of legal bond for freshers.

Do you recommend your company to others? Yes or No and Why?

Infosys provides good opportunities for people who have long-term commitment to the company. Again, luck will play a crucial role here. If you are interested in designing and developing something then you may need to think again before joining Infosys.


Ramakrishnan said...

Just wanted to contradict certain points becuase this article is quite loud and also clear at some level. I am not sure who is the author of this review and definately not an authentic one. May be someone of the outsider who can write this!

1. MUST be on bench for six months - This is very specific statement and absolutely not practical for a giant like Infosys. At any time, the company maintains a fixed ratio on bench and with strict norms enforced, no more than X days can someone be blocked/benched beyond that time. Other options like transfer to other Business Units/DCs are thought of.

2. Quality of work - It depends in which Business Unit you are put into. The kind of work will always vary in any organisation through any level. But drawing the line on Quality in one statement is highly unfair. There are different kind of projects which are under operation and I wonder if the author ever got the chance to even hear about them.

3. Career Growth - Compared to competetitors in services industry, Infosys is definately best place for growth (FEW Exception cases ALWAYS exists)

4. Unplanned work - Infosys way ahead of its competitors in terms of processes and earned many awards for its process-oriented organization wide system of work

5. Onsite Oppurtunity - Show me any other IT Services where you can move out really fast in a month or two? Having said that, shiney people do take off onsite chances in 8-9 months!

6. Work - Life balance - This is how the industry operates and occasional working on weekend do exists in some projects which are highlighted CRITICAL. But I would say 90% people do not work on weekends. And on other weekdays if you can't plan other work maybe because of the traffic situation prevailing in the city. People start from home at 6am to reach at 8:30am and again to start at 5pm to reach at 7:30pm

7. Satisfaction with SALARY - If you really need money then start your own business. What I feel is living your dreams is what pays you off.

8. Products - Infosys is NOT a product company but just to enlighten the author: Infosys has spun off few more products
1. OnMobile - through which 60-70% mobile phone value-added contents are provided to telecom operators
2. - which is now aquired by AT&T Bell Labs Sterling Commerce.
3.And Fincale

9. False publicity of ethics and values - I don't which incident has left you with a bitter taste but overall on the comparison scale weighing other organization - Infosys ethics are far far far more transparent. You can question any higher level if something is bothering you. And work ethics you need to be here to understand that and then be somehere else to realise the difference.

Ex-Infoscions said...

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Mohan said...

Another area to expand this article would be around Onsite Hiring by offshoring firms.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ramkrishna,

What appears to you is immaterial. The other guy has written what he has experienced. From my view it appears you are a company boot licker, probably a new joinee, or one is having it good for sometime, but unless you have made and oath to live and die in Infosys, I am sure you will come out cursing, as plenty of stalwarts have before you.
Because he has pointed out his bad experiences, you are shouting out as if it is all false. But it is his truth in Infsoys, and that alone proves all your tall claims are wrong.

And please dont apoligize because the body shopper is not innovating and give stupid example of mobile and yatra. even a paanwala can do better innovation. It is a service company because it has no idea how to create great products, and it is no big consultant either.