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Headstrong (Techspan)

Brand Value -Average

Career growth and onsite opportunities? Growth as far as package is concerned on an average its 15% for below managerial level but onsite opportunities are less and for short term.

How is work environment and how efficient is the communication b/w teams or department? Work environment is really appreciable.

Work pressure/Work - life balance. On an average work load is not that much but it depends on the project so don’t blame me if u get the wrong one :)

Satisfaction with salary and quality of work. Salary and quality of work is above industry level again it depends on personal satiation level

What type of work they do: Product development, Services etc. Or if mix of these then what at percent? Major work they have is Enhancement and maintenance work and a bit of support and development

Job security. No hire and fire policy as such. I haven't heard of anyone who got fired..

Some positives and negatives of the company.
Positive: work environment, Package

Do you recommend your company to others? Yes or No and Why? Yes, u r welcome to the company to get your headstrong because they need people to use their brain efficiently but wont be a good choice for onsite mongers

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