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Yantra (Sterling Commerce)

Company Synopsis

Yantra Corporation now part of Sterling Commerce makes supply chain applications called Yantra 7x. Sterling Commerce, owned by AT&T bought Yantra from Infosys in 2004. The founder of Yantra, Mr.Devdutt Yellurkar, was Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing in Infy. The company is headquartered in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.
Yantra is a product in Distributed Order Management space, which is a strategic component of the supply chain and one of that market's fastest growing segments.
Number of Employees: Number of employees is in few 100s

Company Structure: As with any product development company Yantra too has product development, product maintenance, customer services and professional services team.

Major source of revenue: Yantra had revenues of more than $26.4 million dollars in 2004 from selling and implementing its product.

Nature of work: For Professional Services people work involves direct client interfacing at onsite, gathering requirements, and analyzing requirements. It may require customization of code after requirement analysis is over.
For development/maintenance teams understanding the product code and domain is major work.

Skills required: Java and J2EE.

Hiring Strategy: It picks guys from top colleges mainly, preferably IIT/NIT. For freshers it mainly checks logical analysis puzzles and computer programming skills in java.

Positive highlights of the company: There are very Indian companies, which do product development, which is a good experience, plus a good chance to learn about the supply chain domain. Salary for freshers is good (4 plus).

Location: Banglore

Company Website:

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