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Top IT and ITES companies in employee headcount

How big are Indian IT companies?

Quite big actually!!! The top 20 companies collectively employ over 5,00,000 people of the 1.6 million employed directly in the industry. The Indian IT-ITES industry is India’s largest employment generator in the organized sector of today creating jobs for over 7.5 million people both directly and indirectly, and this figure is expected to cross 10 million by 2010.

Following is the list of top 22 companies in terms of India headcount.

Tata Consultancy Services
Infosys Technologies
Wipro Technologies
HCL Technologies
Satyam Computer Services
Hewlett Packard
Intelenet Global Services*
WNS Global Services*
Patni Computer Systems
Firstsource Solutions*
Sutherland Global Services*
Citigroup Global Services*
Aegis BPO Services*
ExlService Holdings*
L&T Infotech
* marked companies are pure BPOs or IT enabled services companies

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