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IBM or Accenture

IBM or Accenture? TCS or Infy or Wipro? Satyam or Patni or CTS?
Many of us would face this problem. All these are big brands in India (or world) today. They cannot be compared on the basis of brand value. Though globally Accenture is into pure consulting and IBM is more into technology services, in India both carry out the same work as Infy or TCS. We will rule out the brand option completely though you can stick to Indian brands, which are well known names in Stock Market. Your would be father-in-law must have heard about Infy or Satyam, I mean getting a good bride/dowry may be easier for a Infy guy ;)

Coming to Salary more or less they are equal and when it comes to salary the bigger question is location, money wise Infosys in Hyderabad would be a better option than
IBM in Banglore.

The next best deciding factor is Onsite Opportunities, Indian companies like Infy/Wipro have more onsite opportunities than IBM or Accenture, as IBM already has lakhs of employees in its centers through out the world. TCS lags behind in onsite opportunities as it handles many projects, which are for Indian clients.

Work culture or HR policies are better in IBM; they give allowance if you work in shifts, in Infy you have to work (like a donkey) waiting for an onsite assignment (carrot), forget about shift allowance. Accenture has good facilities in form of canteen/ transport (minus minor hiccups). There would be other such factors where one may be better than the other.

But all the above issues are not as important as career growth and sadly none of these companies care for your career. If a company does not allow you to select your project/ work, it doesn’t plan for your career. These companies pick employees in bulk and treat them, as ‘resources’ may be a little important than computer. What work you want to do? What direction you would like your career to grow is what should be of utmost importance to you. But you can never know before joining the company or even after your training is over what work you would be doing.

It may not be feasible for companies recruiting in thousands to ask for individual preferences, and even if they ask it might be difficult to implement. The quality of work in services companies is more or less similar in all projects, but still one should get a chance to select his project, as for a person to grow high in a field he should get work, which suits his interests best.

I would not suggest computer science guys, who have good knowledge/interest in computer science to blindly join one. But if you are one who doesn’t have his preferences clear in his mind, may join one or the other depending on other factors. As a fresher you may not control over the work you do but as an experienced professional you would get the chance to choose your work.

The following factors depending on the project will matter the most in future
1) The work you get, suppose you work on skill which has less number of employees in market you can reap the benefits later, the best example which comes to my mind is “Kintana Consultants”.
2) A project which has more onsite opportunities or a skill like data warehousing which will has more demand in US making it easier for you to get a job in US/VISA.
3) You always enjoyed programming in Java and you got a project where you are doing the same, supposing you are in a company which gives less hikes (like IBM) still in the long term you will become a very important resource and you will charge a huge premium in terms of salary.

The final point is all skills are in demand, with number of employees being less than the actual demand but forget short-term success the final fruits of success comes to those who do what they want to do and excel in that.

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Siddy said...

The article certainly useful and gives directions to somebody who is fresh from college and has unrealistic expectations from bulk companies. Thanks a lot to the author.