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Wipro Technologies

Company Synopsis

Wipro Technologies - It is the third largest IT services company in India. It has 68,000 employees as of Apr 2007, inclusive of its BPO arm, which it acquired in 2002.

Wipro Spectramind – It is the BPO arm of Wipro, earlier known as Spectramind (Ramon Roy).

Wipro Infotech – It is a division of Wipro which handles Asian Operations as well PC division of Wipro. It has a solution division as well.

There are other subsidiaries like Wipro Health Care, Wipro Fluid Power.

Bond for freshers

Wipro has a 75k, 15-month bond. A fresher joining Wipro has to sign a bond stating that he/she would stay in Wipro for at least a period of 15 months or pay 75k as penalty.

Facilities for freshers

Wipro does not provide any accommodation during training. If your training and posting are same then Wipro will provide you 2AC Fare from your home to your destination (if home and Office are at different places). It will also provide you @ INR 200 for 8 days from your date of joining.

If your joining and posting are different, it will provide you
1) 2 AC Fare from your home to the place of joining
2) @ INR 200/ day for the entire period you stay in the place you are having your training.
3) 2 AC fare from your training location to posting location.
4) On subsequent joining in your posting location it will provide another INR 200 for 8 days.

If your joining/posting location is same/different, in both cases, you have to arrange your own accommodation in a PG or flat as per your choice.

How is Wipro different from Infosys and TCS?

Like most of the companies in outsourcing arena Wipro too focuses on hiring fresh engineers to reduce cost, if the project has a healthy mix of 30 percent experienced people and 70 % freshers, it turns out to be a win-win situation for the company. Hiring fresh employees reduces the cost of the company as wages increase by 15 % every year but it does lead to lower utilization rate or more people on bench.

“ Wipro plans to add about 14,000 freshers in 2007-08 and has already issued some 10,000 campus offers. In the current financial year, a total of 6,600 campus recruits have joined Wipro till date. Wipro is also planning to enhance the intake at Wipro Academy of Software Excellence (WASE) — where it converts science graduates into software professionals through in-depth technology training — to around 4,000 in the coming year from the present 1,700.In the recent years, Wipro has absorbed about 7,000 science graduates. In fact, the company's utilization rate during Q3 declined by 2 per cent to 62.2 per cent because of the high number of rookies. “

Major source of revenue: Like most of Indian Services Companies US is the major source of revenue accounting for 61 percent, and another major chunk of revenue came from Europe accounting for 34 per cent of Wipro Technologies' revenues

Skills required: For experienced persons it recruits from multiple domains and skillsets.

Hiring Strategy for Science grads:

Wipro hires B.Sc/ BCA graduate and offers them MS(Systems Engineering) Degree from BITS, Pilani at no expense and signs them for 4 years of Employment Bond.

Positive highlights of the company:

Wipro has functions coming up every fortnight; there are DJ nights and rock bands, fashion shows, all these are nice experiences.

Location: Banglore, Hyderabad (Secunderabad/Begumpet + Manikonda, HiTech City), Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Delhi (BPO), Mumbai (Spectramind) & Mysore (Global Service Management Center (GSMC) for serving the eastern markets).

Company Website:

Sample Placement Paper for Engineering Graduates:

1. A topic on Gandhiji’s Salt Satyagraha Movement. Four sentences were given and you have to arrange them to make a paragraph. Ans. CABD (Check it out).

2. What can’t be changed by the user program (Four choices were there).Ans. Memory Map (Check it out).3. In which layer ROUTING is performed?
Ans. Network Layer
4. What is the output of the following code snippet
printf(5+”Fascimile”);}Ans. mile

5. What is the output?
Int count=10,sum=0,*temp;
Sum=? &count;( It was actually given temp=? &count; which is probably wrong)Printf(“sum=%d count= %d temp=%d “,sum,count,*temp);Ans. C (most expected answer ,check it)6.Which one has no L-Value
[ii] i
[iii] 2
[iv] *(a+i)
Ans . [iii]

6. In threaded binary for which traversal orders unused left and right links are used?

7. Which is false for binary tree?
Any node should have two children.
[iii] At fourth level the number of node should be less than 16.

8. Which is true for binary search ?
Traversal scheme
[iii]Greedy algorithm
[iv] Divide and conquer algorithm
Ans. [iv]

9. What is the protocol used for getting the physical address by supplying IP address of a node ?
[ii] RARP
[iii] BOOTP
[iv] DHCP

10. If DELHI is coded as CCIDD then how BOMBAY will be coded?

11. Opposite meaning of SPUR.

12. Opposite of HARBINGER .
Ans. Follower

13. Opposite meaning of PROTRUSION.

14. Opposite meaning of RESTIVENESS.
Ans. Docility.

15.Find the odd one in a given analogy
Ans. Mundane.

16 . Find the analogy : SURPRISE : EXCLAMATION
Ans. Dismay: groan.

17) Find the analogy: Plateau: Taxonomy.

18) Question from congestion control topic:
Ans: source quench.

19) Question from kernel mode:
Ans: Disable Interrupts.

20) Which one is a page replacement algorithm.
[iii]Least recently used.
[iv] All of above.

21) Using two numbers And interchanging + and * there was a question.
Ans:(iii)(some expression=22).

22) For each hour an watch is going slow by 30 seconds. Now time is
8a.m.What will be the actual time at 8p.m.

23) Question regarding while loop.

24) Alphabetical order L,M,…(cant remember) Ans:F.

25) One puzzle:(I cant exactly remember this question giving brief idea of this question) there were four guys A,B,C,D. the older and younger relation is given . You have to find the age of the A.
Ans: 7 years(check it out).

26) Fallacy question: six sentences are given.
…[ii]…[iii]…[iv]… Ans: .

28) Nine people six floor. Conditions are given.(This was a very long paragraph).Peoples named like I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q.Ans:i)J.

29) A question regarding node.

30) A problem regarding age of father and son(very easy problem u can solve it).

31) Point out error in the following sentence: I got the book in the office and slipped it out.
I got the book.
[ii] in the.
[iii] office and .
[iv] slipped it out.
Ans: [iv].

32) Point out error:(about a flowers garden)
Ans: (I can’t remember the options). Answer will be among on another.
TIPS: There was no negative marking .Try to solve all the departmental question.

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