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Brand Value: Brand Value is great. "Tata" name is sufficient to impress anyone.

Work culture: Its like Indian govt job. A lot of complacency and politics go hand-in hand.

Work-pressure: Not much but depends on the project and your supervisor also. If your supervisor is a workaholic person he wants you too to sit back upto 9 pm and won't like you to leave office even if you don't have any work in office for the day.

Bench concept: Best in the industry. If you're a fresher don't expect work for the first 6 months or so. But you've to come to the office every day from 9 to 6.

Salary: 2.14 lakh to 2.36 lakhs. (Never trust any HR's promises. They make false promises before hiring like "...the package has been increased and has been revised but its not getting reflected on the offer letter right now. Once you join the company you'll get a revised offer letter.")

Dress code: Have to wear formals, always.

Job Security: Very high

Co-workers competencies: Poor.

Recommendation: If you want a peaceful life TCS is the best but if you've high aspirations in terms of your career growth DON'T ever join it.

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