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Fresher Salary: 2.5 to 2.8 lakhs per annum is the fresh engineer salary package depending on the college.

Career Growth/Onsite Assignments: One major drawback of TCS is it handles many projects in India so you can be onsite and still in India, and they don’t give any extra perks if you are posted to a client location in India. There are many India specific local projects, which TCS handles to name a few Tata Indicom, SBI, and some projects for state governments too. If you get stuck in this kind of project it can be a waste.

Training: TCS gives training for 2 months on different streams, the training is for name sake, any way technical knowledge is not required in Services Company, they teach couple of interesting things like ball room dancing and dining etiquettes too.

Work Environment: I worked in a client location, it was not that cool.

Brand Value/Respect: Great! TCS team had Father of Indian Software Industry Fakir Chand Kohli

Work Life Balance: Depends on Project, after delivery is over the schedule can be cool and during go-alive it can be more.

Job Security: Good

Co-workers competence: Not very good

Bond: TCS has a bond of 2 years for fresh engineers.

Facilities: It does not have special campus for its development centers in most of the cities; it leases buildings in different places.

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