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Review on Amdocs by Mihir Jha

Brand Value: Amdocs has very good brand value both locally and globally. More or less all Indian software big wigs which work in telecom domains need Amdocs professionals. It is undisputed number one in telecom billing domain and a key player in CRM domain.
Career growth and onsite opportunities: Great company in terms of onsite opportunities so much so that joining this company will require valid passport. In many cases from day one even fresher are put on onsite travels. I have seen many persons with valid company sponsored visas of more than five countries!! Career growth is good but not as fast as it is in other Indian companies because of the relatively flat organizational hierarchy. So, one may have to work in a band for quite sometime.
How is work environment and how efficient is the communication b/w teams or department:
Great work environment due to transparent work culture and easy going environment. Most of the middle level management is Amdocs employees for more than a decade and they understand the organization culture well. Open door policy is truly working here and you can approach anybody to solve your problem. Zero bureaucracy, no politics and red tapism very professional dynamics among departments. Even people from accounts department will call you many times to solve your small problem.
Work Pressure/Work life balance
Work pressure is moderate and mangers keep track of employees overworking. Although sometimes it can be really hectic but generally you will reach your home by 6.30J. Company allocates entertainment budget for employee/team/department/whole centre, so there are lots of fun. There are trips decided by your team, fun parties, gifts, seminars, sports meets, in house competitions and list goes on.
Satisfaction with salary and quality of work
Amdocs comes in middle bracket as paymaster i.e. it pays less only than industry’s big paymasters but certainly much more than Blood Suckers!! Fresher starts at 3.5 lakhs PA. Quality of work is of course better than many service oriented companies. You can get good work and boring work too depending upon the projects. Being a product based company learning curve is somewhat steep in Amdocs. You will have to invest time to get hold of their product design and coding style. Overall work content is good if you are not looking for some fundoo technical stuffs.
What type of work they do: Product development, Services etc. Or if mix of these then what at percent:
Amdocs is a product development company, which builds telecom billing solutions and CRM software and customizes them for customers.
Job Security:
You are secure unless you perform too much poorly.
Some positives and negatives of the company:
I don’t have experienced anything negative yet.
Do you recommend your company to others? Yes or No and Why:
Yes I will because it’s a good place to work.

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